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UK Representation Services

The UK is no longer an EU member state for the purposes of GDPR. Non-UK businesses may need to appoint a Data Protection Representative in the UK if they process the data of UK citizens and do not have an establishment in the UK.

We provide a GDPR UK Representation Service and can combine this with being your GDPR EU Representative.

We can provide UK representation services as follows:

  • Register us as your GDPR UK Representative
  • Act as your UK representative – we would be visible on your website and privacy policy
  • Handle all enquiries from Data Subjects
  • Deal with requests from or correspondence with Supervisory Authorities in the UK
  • Hold a record of your processing activities (ROPA) where required, with periodic reporting
  • Assist with breach reporting and subject access requests
  • Advise on GDPR, data protection and Privacy & Electronic Communications legislation
  • Provide swift action where there is a complaint, breach and/or subject access request.
  • Advise on a range of other GDPR matters including privacy notices, consent requirements, transfer/sharing of data, data processing agreements & subject access request procedures
  • Through our international network, we can access local assistance in most countries if so required.

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Our charges for the core service start at £150 per month (we can also accept Euros and dollars). Additional services are charged at a discounted hourly rate.

In our dealings with data subjects and the ICO we recognise that we are an extension of your business and so we act in a manner that is conducive to and protective of your culture, brand and reputation.

If your business requires a GDPR EU representative or a GDPR UK Representative, contact us now.